Does Listening To Classical Music Make You Smarter? Tuesday January 4 2022, 12:00 PM
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Does Listening To Classical Music Make You Smarter?

Can Classical Music Make You Smarter?

Music can have tons of positive benefits on our health. So much so that many people like to think that listening to certain types of music can actually make you smarter. Especially if it's classical music!

In 1993, Frances Rauscher, Gordon Shaw, and Catherine Ky investigated the effects of listening to Mozart on a person's spatial reasoning.

The results were since then highly fabricated, and the creators of the original study have stressed that listening to Mozart has no effect on a person's general intelligence.

Still, people want to know how they can boost their IQs fast by listening to a few songs, and I'm here to tell you that it simply doesn't work that way.

Sure, music can have many beneficial properties that are evident with the latest strides we have made in the field of music therapy. Still, it takes more than listening to a certain type of music to impact your brain positively.

You might not be able to boost your smarts, but you can focus better with music, calm anxieties, and even help your way through problem-solving and brain development, depending on how involved you are getting with the music.  

Let's dive into these benefits of classical music that are realistic. 

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What Classical Music Can Realistically Do For You

Relaxation And Stress Relief

Classical music has a soothing effect on the mind and body. The slow tempo, harmonious melodies, and intricate compositions can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and promote relaxation.

It provides a peaceful escape from the demands of everyday life, allowing you to unwind and find tranquility.

Enhanced Focus And Concentration

The complex and layered nature of classical music engages the brain and improves focus. Many studies have shown that listening to classical compositions while studying or working can boost concentration levels and enhance productivity.

The absence of lyrics also eliminates distractions, allowing you to delve deeper into tasks.

Improved Cognitive Abilities

Classical music has been linked to enhanced cognitive abilities, including memory, problem-solving, and spatial reasoning skills.


The intricate structures and patterns found in classical compositions stimulate neural pathways in the brain, leading to improved cognitive function and overall mental agility.

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Emotional Well-being

Classical music has the power to evoke a wide range of emotions, from joy and elation to introspection and melancholy.

It provides a platform for emotional expression and can uplift your mood, evoke nostalgia, or provide solace during challenging times. It serves as a therapeutic outlet, helping to regulate emotions and promote overall well-being.

Cultural Enrichment

Classical music is a rich and profound art form that spans centuries. By listening to classical compositions, you immerse yourself in the works of legendary composers such as Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and many others.

It exposes you to different musical styles, historical periods, and cultural influences, broadening your musical knowledge and appreciation.


Othe Genres To Help You Focus

If you want to increase your focus and productivity at the moment, certain genres may be able to help you. Yes, listening to classical music can do some good for you here, but any uplifting musical style with not a lot of focus on lyrical content can help you focus.

Focus can lead you to make much wiser choices! Music that helps you focus can also help calm anxious thoughts that could be taking away from your brainpower. 

Many people like to listen to lofi hip hop, jazz, electronica, and ambient music while they work or study and have seen very positive effects.

Is the music making them more intelligent? Absolutely not. Is the music helping them to focus and have a more productive session? Very possible!

Do note that what style of music works for you could have the opposite for someone else. In this regard, try out different genres and see which makes you think with clarity the most. You may be more comfortable listening to music with lyrics, while it may distract someone else. 

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Taking Music Lessons 

Many studies have shown that taking lessons to learn an instrument and understand music theory can positively affect the developing brain.

According to a new study from Researchers at Baycrest's Rotman Research Institute, musicians and people who are bilingual have trained their brains to be more efficient.


They found out that musicians and bilingual people used fewer brain resources when carrying out a memory test.

When young kids integrate the science of music with their studies as they grow up, it can help with speech recognition, motor skills in brain areas that control instrument-related muscles and body parts.

It can enhance socio-emotional awareness, which is the ability to identify, manage, and express emotions constructively.

The key to making the benefits of music work for you lies in your involvement in the creative process. You can't just listen to music and expect it to make your brain work harder and smarter.

You will need to fully immerse yourself by learning how to sing or play an instrument, perform music live, study the theory of music, and create music of your own. 

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There is still so much more to learn about the human brain and its connection to music. Being as complex and mysterious as it is, the brain still has many secrets that scientists are on the way to discovering.

If you want music to help you or your child's brain to work smarter, consider going all in and starting with some music lessons provided by a professional.

Just be sure to manage your expectations, and don't expect magic to happen to your brain overnight! If you don't want to go that far, you can still clear your head for the genius that is already somewhere in your brain with any genre of calming music. 

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