Best Guitar Gloves For Protection And Comfort Thursday January 27 2022, 2:01 AM
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Best Guitar Gloves For Protection And Comfort

Guitar Gloves 

Do you have a unique circumstance that makes it difficult for you to play the guitar with your fingers comfortably?

Many people are dealing with problems, including allergies, excessive pain, sweating, cramps, and many more issues that can drive them to put down the guitar forever. Don't let that be you!

Protection is available for guitar players who need a layer of protection for their fingers while they play. You can either wear small finger guards or use the more common option, which are very thin gloves that can feel like a second skin.

It's important to choose comfortable gloves that can provide you with enough protection to play for long periods of time, in many different types of weather, and with a personal health problem that you may be experiencing. 

Finger Protection For Guitar

Try these brands or a product that is very similar if you're in need of quality guitar gloves that will last you a while.

While smaller finger guards can be good for beginners especially, gloves are the way to go when you're looking for an option that can stand the test of time and not get misplaced so easily. 

MPGC Bass Guitar Gloves

This guitar glove is especially great if you're playing thicker bass strings but works perfectly for the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, banjo, double bass, cello, and ukelele. They have multiple sizes available as well as different colors. 


These gloves aren't made specifically for guitarists, but they are a great fit for you, thanks to this very smooth and sturdy silk lining.

They are lightweight and hypoallergenic as well! Alaska Bear gloves are especially great for guitarists performing in intense weather conditions and dealing with long playing hours. 

SUNLP Thumb Protectors

If you are a beginner that wants to start small and still get some quality protection without getting full gloves, try these for your fingertips. This set comes with finger picks as well for a very low price.

Thumb protectors don't last that long, but they're really great to use when you're just learning the ropes and want your fingers to be protected from the start. 

Guitar Glove Tips

Are you a beginner? Check out BLGuitar, a great site that offers free guitar lessons for newbies.  

If you have a nickel allergy, you will need finger protection!

Guitar gloves are perfect for those who get really sweaty hands, making it hard to play.

The gloves will feel a bit weird at first, but you will adjust to them as long as you keep playing. 

Pay extra close attention to the glove sizes when shopping. Make sure you know the size of your own hand to avoid wasting money or time. 

Make sure to keep your nails short when attempting to use finger protectors or gloves. 

Gloves that are made explicitly for guitar will probably only come one in a pack. Pay attention to the details when you're buying!

Be on the lookout for quality guitar picks that pair well with your gloves!

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