What Is An EPK (And Why Do You Need One)? Saturday December 3 2022, 1:00 AM
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What Is An EPK (And Why Do You Need One)?

What Is An EPK?

Are you looking to impress someone in the music industry? What up-and-coming musician, rapper, or singer isn't?! 

An EPK (Electronic Press Kit) is an organized way to put together your artist information, including contact info, recent shows, awards, placements, visual media, and recent audio releases.

Sending pitches to key music connections in the music world in the form of an EPK shows that you know your stuff and are ready to start a professional relationship that can benefit both sides.

Sending your pitches without enough info or in a disorganized fashion is a quick way to get ignored. 

What Do You Need To Include In Your EPK?

Think of your EPK as your musical resume. This kit provides anyone interested in your music with all the information they will need in one place.

Your press kit should definitely include the following:

  • Professionally written biography
  • High-quality images that represent your music brand 
  • Songs and videos that represent your musical works
  • Quotes from professional music reviews you have received in the past
  • List of shows you’ve done and that are upcoming
  • Social media links and contact information


To add some pizazz to your EPK, consider adding some of the following elements:

  • A link to a large number of your songs that are easily downloadable (try a file hosting site like Dropbox)
  • Lyric sheet links that provide the full lyrics to the songs featured on your EPK
  • Band or artist Q&A to include fun facts about your musical journey -
  • 'Recommended If You Like' list, AKA 'sounds like [artist-name]' (used to identify a reference point for your music)

Why Do You Need an EPK?

The great thing about EPKs is that they cover everything about your music, so you can easily use them to fill in details on your social profiles, song submissions, and even an official artist website.

In addition to making things easy for your submission process, they make communication better for the person receiving your details as well.

All types of music outlets look for different things in a submission, and it's nice to see a music artist that has everything you need already given to you when reviewing the material.

For example, radio stations like to see your audio attachments, while blogs like to really focus on your visual elements, and venues really care to see where you've been performing lately.

Your well-formatted EPK will list all of those things and satisfy the needs of all different types of reviewers! 

Places To Send Your Electronic Press Kit

Almost any type of company that you can think of that will accept music submissions will appreciate receiving an EPK for you. I mentioned radio stations, blogs, and performance venues, but the list goes even further. 

You can send your EPK to music labels, potential managers, music licensing companies, podcast shows, magazines, competitions, song publishing companies, and even music schools.

It gets really exciting when you think about all the people who would appreciate receiving an EPK describing some real undiscovered talent! 


How To Format Your EPK

The best EPKs are the ones that are similar to one-page sales pitches that can be found on professional web pages with a very cohesive layout.

But this is not the only way to format an EPK if you're in the music world, and you may want to consider having different types. 

Depending on how you are pitching your songs to people, you may want to consider creating a cohesive PDF file that has all of your relevant promotional information included.

In some cases, a copy and paste with a bit of personalization editing can go a long way in the body of an email. 

In rare cases, you may want to get creative with a physical copy of your EPK. I know the document is supposed to be electronic, but keeping your promotional materials in hand at meetings, interviews, and conferences can't be a bad idea. You can even spice it up with a QR code. 

EPK Bonus Tips

Find An EPK Maker 

There are a few different sites out there that can create a visually cohesive EPK for you, but they come with a small cost.

In many cases, the cost is very much well worth it if your pitches are getting a lot of eyes consistently. I would recommend using Bandzoogle to cover all your needs. 

Create Multiple Versions 

If you're something like a jack of all trades in the music world, consider making different versions of your EPK that will be more appealing to certain types of people. If, for example, you are a singer, teacher, and flutist, you don't want to cram that all into one EPK. 


Regularly Update Your EPK

Many musicians (including myself) forget to update their promotional materials consistently throughout the year. If you have a pretty happening career, you will want to update your EPK at least a couple of times annually to reflect new information about your latest endeavors. 

Proofread And Test Your Links 

It can be tempting to assume that you've entered all the right details in the EPK you worked hard to put together, but there is a ton of room for error when it comes to these things.

Double-check that your details make sense and that your links go to the right location. 

The last thing you want to do is have a music connection who was interested in your work but couldn't get what they needed through faulty links, didn't have time to get the right data from you, and is forced to move on to the next choice. 

Keep It Simple And Appealing 

People love to see things that are short, sweet, and straight to the point when it comes to submitting pitches for music PR related topics

Hopefully, your talents will be the thing that will speak volumes about you at length, so you don't need to be too wordy or include every single thing you have.

Keep things limited to your best recent works, raving reviews, stunning visuals, and your overall enticing brand that will give them just enough of what they requested but will have them wondering more about what you can offer. 

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