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Exploring The Vocal Range Of Axl Rose

What's Axl Rose's Voice Type?

Axl Rose is one of those names that always pop up when people compare singers who have the widest vocal ranges. This impressive rock singer who leads the legendary band Guns N' Roses is one of the most iconic voices in the history of music. 

While his voice goes far above and below the traditional range of a baritone, you could say that his tone and tessitura would fall into the category of a baritone singer in classical music terminology.

His low notes are rich and perfectly fit his grunge vocal style in the metal genre. 

But while baritone singers usually have a range of around 2-3 octaves, Axl has access to so many more notes, especially the higher ones that most male singers wouldn't even dare to attempt. 

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How Many Octaves Can Axl Sing?

Thanks to his impressive range that extends to over five octaves, Axl has been named one of the greatest singers of all time by notable media lists, including The Rolling Stone and NME.

Most people can only sing around 2 octaves, and some of the widest ranges are still limited to around four octaves, making his voice extraordinary. 

His range spans from a low E1 to an impressively high Bb5, which is almost unheard of in the music world.

There may be a few lesser-known talents that can compete with this range, but he is at the top of the list among other big names, including Mariah Carey and Prince. 

How Low Can Axl Rose Sing?

Axl's range can get rich and surprisingly sweet when it comes to his lower notes. He often takes a ballad-singing approach in his baritone and bass register with rich vibrato and emotional resonance in his tone.

His notes, like many male singers, tend to sound a lot like vocal fry toward the bottom of his range. Vocal fry is the lowest form of your register that you can access by lightly making a rattling sound on the vowel "uhhhh" for example.

His larynx placement for his lowest notes sounds so scratchy that it can be more like a vocal fry of his spoken voice.

Some of his spoken voice samples can be heard at notes even lower than an E1, but an example of sung notes in a Guns n' Roses song can be found above in "Ain't Goin' Down No More".

How High Can Axl Rose Sing?

Axl Rose is most widely known for his impressive and powerful high notes and powerful screams that he is able to let out in the studio and, more often, in live performances.

In terms of studio-recorded releases, he has been able to belt out a high Bb5 (briefly) in "Ain't It Fun". 

His higher range has been heard to extend slightly further in his older live performances, where you can hear him belting high stylistic screams on songs like "The Garden" and "Welcome To The Jungle" performed by Guns N' Roses. 

Like many online false claims for vocal ranges, you may see other sites and videos that claim that he sings over a C6, but many of these outlets are simply mistaking a high C5 for a high C6. 

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How Has Axl's Vocal Range Changed Over The Years?

Like many acclaimed and seasoned singers who have given us hits in the 1990s and previous, Axl Rose is taking it a bit easy in his later years when compared to the crazy notes he hit while performing years back. 

As you can imagine, constantly using your vocal instrument to sing and record with such a widely-acclaimed band can cause wear on your vocal cords over time.

This is especially true for singles that perform in the genre of metal and rock, where screams and belts are commonplace. 

While he's taking it a bit easier on the high notes as of late, he has lately still been as energetic and talented as ever and is not slowing down in terms of his overall vocal prowess and performance capabilities. 

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