Music Influencers: 6 Types Of People To Find For Influencer Marketing Sunday February 5 2023, 6:45 AM
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Music Influencers: 6 Types Of People To Find For Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing For Musicians

Influencer marketing is all the rage these days when it comes to the digital marketing world, especially in the realm of social media.

While all types of brands are swarming influencers for their chance to be promoted, musicians have a unique advantage when it comes to this type of promotion.

A large amount of media gives some focus to music in one form or another, whether that be background music or music being the focal point of the content.

Influencers of many types are able to incorporate music into their content and effectively market the work of many talented music artists!

I'd like to point out six different types of people musicians should reach out to if they are interested in using the power of influencer marketing for their careers. Some opportunities may require a budget, but some only require networking skills and talent!

Social Media Influencers

The most common type of influencer that you will hear about is the social media influencer. These are people on popular sites like TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube who have a large following and often get tons of views and engagement on their posts. 

When you are looking for people to reach out to for influencer marketing requests, make sure you are considering influencers that get real engagement and don't get duped by those who have gotten fake number boosts.

It's also a good idea to find influencers who have an audience of followers who are likely interested in your genre and style of music. You don't, for example, what to reach out to a classical music TikTok page if you're trying to promote your rock band.

Submithub has a pretty good selection of social media influencers that are willing to promote independent music artists that they like. 

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DJs have tons of different options when it comes to finding new and undiscovered music that has been released to the world.

There are thousands of songs being released daily, so the best DJs are constantly scouring some of the best music resources for songs to add to their sets.

I've come across many DJs who have a personal site where they collect unsolicited submissions from artists that are trying to promote their new music.

DJs also use services like DropTrack, which provides a similar type of service where bloggers, A&Rs, and similar individuals can accept submissions from artists, musicians, and labels. 


While these people are not at the top of the list when it comes to influencer marketing, some of these reviewers that write for large brands like Rolling Stone and Pitchfork hold a ton of power. 

It can be a challenge to get the attention of a blogger that actually has a good amount of reach because their inboxes are beyond full, but with some networking magic and a budget, you may be able to get your songs in front of a great audience. 

Since quality music bloggers are hard to come by these days, only spend money with bloggers that are on sites getting a substantial amount of traffic in order to avoid wasting money. Go beyond a blog post and try to get ad placement and an email blast if you can.

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Popular podcasters who host on platforms like Spotify, Youtube, Podbean, and Anchor.FM can give you an impressive amount of listeners to your music if you are able to get your music placed in the background or in the forefront. 

I've personally found a large amount of success from actually creating podcast intros for people, and my voice and name have been able to be heard by thousands thanks to the influence of the podcast host!

Playlist/Channel Curators

Music discovery can come in many different flavors, and millions of music fans like to rely on curated playlists and channels that can put new music right in front of them to judge.

If you are able to get in contact with people like these, you will find a marketing goldmine.

Youtube and Spotify are two places where music creators often scramble to get a hold of the curators responsible for songs getting thousands of real plays from fans actively on the prowl for new tunes. 

MB Tritt Kracker.jpeg

Celebrity Musicians

One of the most obvious but overlooked types of people that you can go to for music marketing is a celebrity musician.

For this, you will definitely need to have connections and the right budget, but it can open a whole new world of opportunities when it comes to networking. 

While it may be unrealistic to go after A-list music celebrities, consider reaching out to the management team of a local music celebrity or someone that is up-and-coming yet still accessible to fellow music artists. 

While you don't want to go for the creme of the crop, you also don't want to limit yourself to musicians that are on the same level as you or less.

This is always a good idea to do in general for networking purposes, but it's not as effective for influencer marketing. 

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