Email Marketing For Musicians - 10 Tips To Help You Grow Effectively Tuesday December 20 2022, 4:45 AM
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Email Marketing For Musicians - 10 Tips To Help You Grow Effectively

Email Marketing For Musicians

Email marketing is far from dead when it comes to helping your music career grow to even further heights.

Think about all the stores and brands you shop with and how often they try to get your email. It's one of the most effective ways to contact your target audience!

Many artists and musicians don't take the time to build and nurture an email list, causing them to miss out on one of the most effective marketing techniques that they could be used without spending large amounts of money.

Are you using email marketing methods as a part of your music marketing strategy?

If not, don't think that it's too late to start. If you have already started, check out some of the suggestions I have below that will help you grow and connect with your fanbase. 

Start With Free Software

There are plenty of mailing programs out there for you to use for low prices, and many of them have free trials that allow you to use their platforms with certain limitations. A few suggested options include Madmimi, Mailchimp, and Aweber. 

Another great way to build a list at no extra cost to you is through, which allows you to set the option of your listeners leaving their email in order to download your tracks and projects.

To use mailing programs with Bandcamp, the list can be downloaded and merged with your Mailchimp list, for example. 

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Offer Something In Exchange For Sign Ups

To lure in subscribers to your email list, the most popular product for a musician to offer is a free song. In exchange for an email address from a fan of your work, you will be emailing them a link to a free-to-download, amazing song of yours.

Once you get that email, you have a direct channel of communication with that fan for as long as they use that account, which is usually a very, very long time!

Entice With Subject Lines

When it comes to subject lines, you want to take your time and not rush the message that everyone will see when they open their inbox. You want to make sure you aren't being too sales like and not being too boring at the same time. 

If you come across as a pesky seller in your email subject, no one will actually want to open it and read what you have to say. If your subject line is too long or too boring, people might experience subconscious blindness when scrolling through their inboxes.

Consistently Send Updates

It is recommended that you keep in contact with your list at least once a month to keep your brand active.

If you don’t release songs that often, then it’s a good idea to send updates about your career that include interviews, upcoming shows, and recent reviews from noteworthy people.

If you don’t send consistent emails to your fans, they may forget about you. Think about how fast the internet works!

With each email, it is important to have a ‘call of action’ or a statement that makes it clear that you are trying to get your fan list to complete a goal of yours. That goal may be to buy your album, book a ticket to your show, or even just check out your latest Youtube rant.

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Ask For Feedback

All relationships benefit from a healthy amount of communication back and forth. Consider connecting with your fans by encouraging them to give you feedback and even open dialogue on social media or in private emails. 

With this approach, fans can feel more close to you and your music brand, which can only mean good things for the success of your music career. Fans that feel close to you will avidly share your work, pay for your releases and show up to your shows. 

Celebrate Milestones 

Everyone loves a milestone or holiday that is the result of success. Why not celebrate with your list when you hit a certain amount of subscribers or sales to help them feel connected to your list and your music brand?

To take it a step further and make things even more personal, why not celebrate birthdays or join dates for the subscribers on your email list? This personal touch can go a long way when it comes to your relationship with your fanbase. 

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Keep Your Socials Visible

An email list, like a website, is a great way to keep all of your most important information in one place when presenting it to your audience.

When you gain email subscribers and send out newsletters, take advantage of the option to include your social profiles in each email.

It's also a good idea to send your email subscribers a welcome email that gives a rundown of your social media profiles and website, where they can get all your latest updates.

This way, people that came to your list from all different platforms can follow you on other platforms they weren't aware of.

Follow Current Social Trends 

Chances are, you are an avid social media user yourself that is somewhat aware of what is going on in the media when it comes to entertainment.

Tailoring your newsletters to fit what is happening in the world is a great way to keep your fans involved with your music brand as a whole. 


Try Drip Campaigns/Journey Emails

If you have a lot of information that you want to give to your new subscribers without overloading it all into one welcome email, consider testing out what many email software refers to as journey emails or drip campaigns. 

With this option, you will be able to send a series of emails over time to all of your new subscribers automatically. Be careful with sending too many emails in a short amount of time, which may scare your new subscribers away. 

You will be able to find this option with most Email delivery services like Mailchimp and Aweber with a paid subscription. 

Keep A Clear Call To Action 

With every email you send, you want to make sure that you are highlighting one overall call to action.

What is the overall goal of your email? You are likely trying to lead them to a link that you want them to click, so make sure that your email clearly points to that link.

Moreover, make sure that your email makes the link that you want people to click on seem like the best choice that they can make at that moment.

Try to avoid having too many calls to action, because the viewer may see too many options and not want to click on anything. 

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