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How To Sing Beautifully

How To Sing Beautifully (For Beginners) 

We've all heard those types of artists that sing, and you instantly get intoxicated by effortless, perfect-seeming notes and style. How do they do that? Where did that get all that talent from?

Why do some singers sing beautifully while others are just pretty good? If you want to sing beautifully like some of your personal favorites, here are six different methods for you to consider. 

Warm Up Your Voice Before Singing 

To get the best sound, go through some vocal warmups before a performance to ensure your vocal cords are in the best shape.

Singing, especially early in your day without warming up, can be hindered by phlegm and cracked notes if you don't prepare first. 

You can also get your voice ready to sing beautifully with plenty of good fluids like water and tea. Water keeps your throat lubricated to avoid harsh dryness in your larynx with singing, and tea can help you clear out the phlegm in your throat.

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Sing With Good Technique 

Make sure you have a good posture before you attempt to start singing. You don't want to try to sing beautifully in an awkward or hunched position. A good posture will help your notes come out more smoothly and comfortably. 

You also want to be sure you are singing with long vowels and not wide vowels. A singer that sings with wide vowel placement tends to sing more nasally than a trained singer, which can be unpleasant to the ears. 

A good singing technique also includes being able to sing your lyrics clearly. You don't want your words to come out inaudible or mumbled.

Long vowels can also help with your lyrical clarity. Many beginner singers make the mistake of singing and not opening their mouths wide enough, causing the lyrics to get lost in translation. 

These are just basic techniques, but you will want to get voice lessons from a professional in order to learn about all the methods needed for beautiful singing.

While some proper techniques can come naturally to new and seasoned singers alike, so many underrated and undertaught techniques could help even the best singers become even better. 

Sing All (Technically, Most Of) The Right Notes 

Something about singing perfectly in tune makes a singer sound so beautiful.

They may not even have a perfect vocal tone, but if they are hitting the right notes that match the chords, they're singing along with almost perfectly, chances are you're going to think they sound beautiful. 

You may or may not even have a trained ear for music, and music can be very subjective, but when we hear someone hitting the right note really well, 99% of us will admit that the singer is singing quite beautifully.

No one is ever really hitting all the right notes absolutely perfectly with no error unless they have some effects helping them, but 90% and above pitch accuracy might as well be 100% perfect to our ears.

Singing is an art form where true perfection isn't needed. 

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Sing With Passion

The more passion and emotion you put into a song, the more likely it is to be beautifully sung. Something about music and raw emotion put together really creates art.

Even if you haven't mastered singing in key and have a few bad notes here and there, you can still sing beautifully if you feel the song and put your all into it. 

Singing songs that mean something to you personally can help you sing more beautifully. On the flip side, it can cause you to get a bit too emotional and lose your note accuracy and breathing technique, so be careful when attempting to sing a song that's a tear-jerker.

Practice singing the song several times to the point where it still brings out your genuine emotion but it doesn't throw off your notes. 

Sing Songs That Showcase Your Range

If you want to be considered someone that sings beautifully, you don't have to hit whistle tones like Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande, but high notes are often considered very beautiful.

If you're a soprano or a female singer that has a high range, this will be easy for you. If you're an alto singer with a low range, it will be a challenge, but you can still sing beautifully in your lower range with lots of passion along with your notes. 

The same goes for guys. If you're a tenor, you have a good chance of someone saying you sing beautifully just because of your high range.

As a bass, you have a lot of skills that tenors can be jealous of, but it will be a bit of a challenge to get people to call your notes beautiful. Don't let people's obsessions with high notes get you down, though! 

How Quickly Can You Learn To Sing Well?


Singing "well" is very subjective. The first thing you want to figure out is the level of good you're going for. If you want to be pretty good and get the basics down when it comes to singing, you can learn that in a few months.

This is true for people who already have decent voices and just need some formal training and consistent practice to sound good.

Do you want to be good to the point of getting fans and people to say, "you sound really good"? That may take you a few years, depending on your starting point.

If you're trying to get good enough to get compliments all the time, try putting in at least two years of consistent effort 3-5 times a week. 

Do you want to be good, as in the type of good that gets you paid? Are you trying to become Grammy award-nominated levels of good?

Do you want to be good enough to be on the radio and do opening shows for famous artists? This will likely take you several years. 

How Many Hours Should You Practice Singing A Day?

The number of hours you put into your singing practice can make a huge difference in the amount of time it takes to get good. If you're looking to only practice singing once a week for about an hour, it will take you longer than a few months to learn the basics.

If you're putting in an hour a day three times a week, you'll get there faster. If you put in an hour each and every day, you'll have a better chance of being good in a few months to a year.

You may have heard the phrase that it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill. Malcolm Gladwell, author of the bestseller "Outliers" says that 20 hours a week for ten years will get you there.

Mastering the art of singing may or may not be equal to becoming a good singer, in your opinion, but use that to get a general gauge of how many hours you need to put in to get to your desired level of greatness (or goodness). 

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What's Your Genre and Style?

The amount of time it takes to get good can be heavily influenced by the style of singing that you want to become good at.

If you're looking to become a good pop singer, you might not need to put in as much effort as it takes to become a good opera singer because of the advanced techniques used in classical music. 

If you're looking to become a good folk singer, you'll likely spend less time than it would take to learn how to become a good jazz singer due to the difficult levels of musicality that jazz music presents.

Suppose you're looking to become a country singer in comparison to becoming a gospel singer. In that case, you may have it easier doing country since you don't need to get good at complicated runs and riffs like you would in gospel singing. 

What's Your Starting Point?

As I mentioned before, getting good depends on where you're starting from in terms of talent. Many people have a natural gift in singing that will require less time and effort in comparison to someone who doesn't have the natural gift. 

A natural gift for music can be your tone, ear, or performance energy. There are many areas of music you will excel at, with some better than others. If you already have the basics down with some of the key areas, you won't need to put as many hours in. 

If you're someone who has a bad tone or a bad ear for music (tone-deaf), it's not impossible to get good, but it is a long, uphill journey to get there.

It may take you years or decades to get good if you're starting from the very bottom, but don't let that deter you. Practice, consistency, and passion can take you very far with any skill.


Sing Slow Songs With Long Notes And Phrases 

Singing ballads puts people in a great mindset. The style of a ballad is already beautiful and usually romantic.

Ballads often have long notes and phrases that showcase a singer's ability to sustain a note for an extended period of time, showing their lovely vibrato.

Combining slow songs with high notes is a great way to practice singing beautifully. Adding some depth and emotion to that? You're sure to be a beautiful singer to someone in a room when you're performing! 

Sing Confidently

Confidence goes a long way when it comes to singing, especially in a live performance setting.

Suppose you can learn how to sing effortlessly and look comfortable in your environment during a performance. In that case, you will not only look better to the audience, but you will feel better and sound even better, thanks to your comfort levels. 

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Confident singers can connect with the music and the audience in a way that makes the experience more memorable and ultimately more beautiful.

Getting good with stage presence is a skill that must be learned over a period of time with lots of trial and error.

Don't expect to be able to sing with complete confidence in front of people if you have just started your singing journey, and don't beat yourself up if you get nervous as a singing veteran. Just keep practicing. 

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