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Best Songs For Altos (Songs With Some Soul)

15 Songs For An Alto To Sing

Need a song that's a good fit for your alto voice? I have a few favorites that are my go-to's for singing at an event, doing a demo for people to get a feel for my voice, recording a cover, or just singing at a karaoke bar.

These soulful songs are in genres that include R&B, Pop, and Rock. You'll probably see at least one of your favorites on this list!

Someone Like You - Adele 

"Someone Like You" is a favorite of a lot of people and will likely get you fans just because people love this song so much. Plus, it's a song that has a good amount of emotional weight. The chorus allows you to belt without having to hit notes that are too high. 

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Alicia Keys - Diary 

"Diary" is a cool, sensual track that will work great with intimate crowds and evening affairs. This works if you want to sing solo, but it's even better if you're surrounded by other singers that will want to chime in, especially towards the end. 

In Love With Another Man - Jazmine Sullivan

Here's a song that's good if you're great with adlibs and runs. If not, you may want to work your way up to this one and save it for another day.

Towards the end, you have the option to either repeat Jazmine's adlibs near-perfectly or create some on your own that will work with her style of soul. It's a fun challenge if you have years of experience behind you. 

Fast Car - Tracy Chapman 

This is a great song for those who are good with storytelling. Suppose you've got guitar skills and can sing and play at the same time, even better. The verses come and go fast, so make sure you're ready to run through those lyrics with some great breath support. 


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Smooth Operator - Sade

Try this one if you want another track that's good for an intimate evening crowd. If you're skilled at using the stage and putting on a good show, this one is a fantastic pick.

Sade oozes sexy soul with this one, and you can put in some fun dances along with it to create the perfect vibe. 

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You’re So Vain - Carly Simon

"You're So Vain" is good to put some attitude behind. You can pair this one with a guitar or piano, or both, and really command the audience's attention with the hook that will probably have people singing along with you.

This song works well for beginners who don't want too much of a challenge and advanced singers who might want to put a twist on the hook each time it comes around.

Ready For Love - India Arie 

This is a great slow song to do acapella or with a guitar.

It's a challenge to sing slowly and accurately, but you have the freedom to sing this one sped up a bit since it sounds great at many different tempos. This is a track that every girl has been able to relate to at some point in her life. 

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Unbreak My Heart - Toni Braxton

This is a great song to get emotional resonance going with your performance. It really highlights the lower, deeper side of the alto range, so if you have great low notes with depth and power, "Unbreak My Heart" is the perfect song to sing.


Back To Black - Amy Winehouse

If there's a lot of soul in your natural tone, this one will fit you very well. The verses are pretty basic melodically and rely on your tone control, emotion, and vocal depth. This is another one you can put a lot of attitude and personality into and have fun with. 

Feeling Good - Nina Simone

This is a classic feel-good anthem that can bring you a lot of confidence when you sing it. It's an epic piece for an alto to really show their vocal skill and unique flavor.

Nina Simone has a unique voice that is near impossible to mimic, but bringing your own twist to this one will do you wonders. 

At Last - Etta James

This one is great for romantic occasions like weddings or anniversaries. It's also great to just sing to your significant other on a day that is special to them. Take it a step further and add some scatting to the end if you're feeling risky!


Brandy - Have You Ever

Brandy brings us a classic that gives tons of romance and young love vibes. This song fits younger, lighter voices and powerhouse altos equally.

Brandy has a light tone in this song that sounds so sweet, but I've heard some heavy-hitting gospel vocals on a cover of this one that worked exceptionally well. 

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Diamonds - Rihanna 

"Diamonds" is good for practicing your alto range, especially for belts that don't push your voice as much as a soprano-range song would. It's a good song to practice going between a soft tone in a loud belt, particularly toward the end. 

Yona Marie - I'm Still Loyal 

I will shameless self-plug here, but I am technically an alto singer who likes to sing soprano every now and then. But I'm a sucker for writing a catchy and simplistic tune that an alto singer can easily sing along to without having to push their voice. 

It's a great song for practicing disjunct melodic motion, where the intervals I wrote are often skips or leaps, which create a more angular and fragmented melodic contour.

Royals - Lorde

Lorde made a really cool simplistic song that makes a great choice for altos looking to practice their skills and perform something that won't be too nerve-wracking to sing.

"Royals" is a good one to sing for starter Karaoke attempts where there aren't too many words in the verses that can throw you off easily. 

Weak - SWV

This tune is great to sing if you don't have an instrument or backing tracks; all you need is a good voice and some well-placed snaps.

"Weak" is the perfect song for those who have soulful tones and are good at runs and riffs. Be ready for the key change toward the end of the track!

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